How to Build a Quality Sound System at Low Cost $$

The sound that comes up to speed the automobile does not always satisfy the owner. Despite having the increasing trend of in-car audio systems, many still allow simple installing of devices from various brands. For further info, click here: best powered subwoofer for cars

Automotive sound experts say that a quality audio project can cost far less than you think, as long as your musical requirements and preferences are presented to the installer.

To have a quality sound, but without spending a whole lot, the customer has many options available on the market and in three steps, a great sound project may be performed and even expanded according to preference.

First - DVD Player, multimedia and two-way speakers

The CD era has passed, although some people still utilize the famous discs up to speed their cars. With the digital age, many individuals and also car manufacturers are determined to extinguish the CD on the menu, offering full or partial integration with smartphones via Bluetooth, USB, auxiliary, HDMI or SD Card. The offer of options is enormous, but nonetheless, many individuals wish to have the small screen on board. Some are even retractable on 1 din devices.

On the market, you can find products starting at R $ 200, even with the required RCA cables, which allow signals to be provided for the amplifiers without distortion. For many who want something more than the DVD player, you will find “basic” multimedia with prices starting at R $ 1,000, including digital TV and smartphone mirroring. More complete equipment, which include a rear camera and internal HD, costs a lot more, going from R $ 2,000.

Two-way speakers

To have a good sound quality and without spending too much, experts recommend the usage of a two-way speaker kit. This set covers a spectral range of sound frequency greater than the traditional coaxial ones, since mid and bass are reproduced by the woofer and the treble by the tweeter.

Two sets of two ways will divide the audio frequencies, ensuring a better quality and definition sound than the fundamental kits. It is essential - to keep up the fee - that the automobile has space reserved for tweeters, otherwise they will need to be installed on the dashboard at an additional cost.

If the preference is for expanding the loudness at the rear, two coaxial speakers may be included. A two-way kit usually starts at R $ 80, while a couple of coaxials starts at R $ 50. But, for the absolute most demanding, kits with higher quality in manufacturing provide better sound fidelity, but meaning spending 3 or 4 times more, even going over R $ 2,000 in more elaborate projects.

Second - Amplifier

Audio devices, CD or DVD oftentimes have internal amplifiers, which gives more power. However, good sound designs require external amplifiers to improve power. With a two-way kit, the biggest thing is to possess models with RCA cables like Mosfet, which guarantees less distortion with increased power. Each audio channel must certanly be compatible in power (watts RMS) with the speakers, in order to avoid distortions and harm to the equipment.

This sort of amplifier processes the pure signal from the CD / DVD and not the amplified sound, as in boosters. Generally installed in the trunk, the amplifier may also be four channels, necessary for many who want a subwoofer in the future. In this task, you must require the installing of necessary cables and compartment for their installation on the floor. An enhancement amplifier module can cost from R $ 60 only. A Mosfet type with four channels may start at R $ 360, but depending on the brand and power, it costs above R $ 1,000.

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